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Strategic Indigenous Awareness: To understand our present, we must understand our past

29 May 2017

The program provides participants with an opportunity to walk briefly in the shoes of Aboriginal Australians. It provides a generic overview of Aboriginal culture and history and aims to develop a greater appreciation understanding of modern-day cross cultural problems, issues and challenges that impact upon individuals working in organisations/companies across Australia.

Governing a Community Organisation

29 May 2017

Do you fully understand your legal duties as a board or committee member?

As a committee or board member of a community organisation, it’s important you’re fully aware of your legal responsibilities.

Privacy Law for Not-For-Profit Organisations

30 May 2017

Are you handling the personal details of volunteers, members or clients? Privacy laws can be tricky for community organisations to navigate, particularly with developments in technology and increasing numbers of organisations collaborating to deliver services. Attend this seminar to make sure your organisation is doing the right thing.

Working Together: MOUs, Mergers & Amalgamations

30 May 2017

There are many benefits to collaborating with other NFPs – from accessing funding to increasing your reach in the community. However it is important you understand the legal side of various working arrangements and what they might mean for your organisation.

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training

8 June 2017

The training program, facilitated by Julie Moore (Koorimunication), includes modules such as cultural respect, effective communication, past policies and practices that have impacted upon Aboriginal people, and yarning circles on various topics.

Seminar: Financial Acumen

16 June 2017

Facilitated by the ACT Human Services Registrar of the Quality, Complaints and Regulation branch of Community Services Directorate

This seminar aims to support community organisations to build their capability in identifying and managing their own organisational risk through improved financial acumen.This includes understanding the importance of quality governance structures, financial...

Facilitation Skills

20 June 2017

Excellent facilitation skills are fundamental for workplace leadership but not always easy to master. This workshop will provide an understanding of facilitation practice that can be applied in meetings and a range of other forums. The workshop will introduce participants to techniques and approaches that will enable participants to be a confident and effective facilitator.

Strategic & Operational Planning

18 July 2017

This workshop is for those wishing to gain a greater understanding as to the importance of an organisations strategic plan and the yearly business planning process. Participants will have the opportunity to work through the process of developing a business plan and gain a better understanding as to how this connects to their organisational strategic plan as well as their program management and...

ACTCOSS Data Series: A Data Driven Market for Outcomes

31 July 2017

In this session Andrew Means, Co-Founder at The Impact Lab and Head of beyond.uptake, will walk attendees through new ways funders and program providers are entering into Pay for Performance contracts and the important role that data is playing in driving this work forward.

ACTCOSS Data Series: Making the Most of Messy Data

1 August 2017

The perfect, clean, unbiased dataset doesn't exist, so how can we make the most of this messy data? In this session Andrew Means, Co-Founder at The Impact Lab and Head of beyond.uptake, will go over easy to employ methods that reduce the amount of messiness you are dealing with, extract all the value you can from your messy data, and communicate it in ways that are compelling to stakeholders...

ACTCOSS Data Series: Communicating with Data

1 August 2017

We need to find ways to visualize and communicate data in ways similar to telling great stories. In this session Andrew Means, Co-Founder at The Impact Lab and Head of beyond.uptake, will cover data visualization best practices and offer practical advice for how to communicate quantitative work in the most compelling manner possible for your audience.

Advanced Strategy, Risk & Governance Masterclass

25 August 2017

Would you and your Board benefit from the renewal of energy and the skills to become even more strategic and innovative? Do you have new Board Members who would benefit from the latest in strategic thinking and governance practices? Would you like the latest and most powerful strategies to get your board truly engaged and making the decisions that create the desired future for the community...

Developing Quality and Continuous Improvement

26 October 2017

Maintaining and increasing the quality of our work and innovatively meeting the needs of individuals and communities is core business for effective and efficient community oriented organisations.