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ACT Anti-Poverty Week 2018

Participate in Anti-Poverty Week screenings & social media campaign

Anti-Poverty Week is most successful when there are many organisations involved and hosting activities to engage different audiences to think about how the issue of poverty affects people. I urge you all to take part in APW in Canberra in 2018, around our ACT theme of Together Creating Pathways out of Poverty.

Film screenings: Host your own

The ACT Red Cross team have led production of a film that puts a spotlight on the pathways out of poverty created by people themselves and by businesses using their networks and resources in their community. The film showcases the insights of four people with lived experiences of poverty, and two people from the business sector about their experience of creating pathways out of poverty.

The film will be made available online on Sunday 14 September (via the ACTCOSS YouTube channel). You can download it on to your own device or stream it online.

There will be a short trailer to promote the screening event, a combined full film (50 minutes in length), and separate films of each person's interview (each film is between 7 and 9 minutes long). You can choose how to screen these films (either as a whole or separately). Email [email protected] to get the film on a USB for a high-quality file for a large screening.

Engage on social media

We also invite you to create some social media activity from the 8-20 Oct 2018 in the lead up to APW on your Facebook and Twitter sites, but you are welcome to continue the activity beyond this designated week. Invite your volunteers, staff and board members to create text or video content that states why they care about poverty in Canberra and what they think are pathways out of poverty.

This year, the online campaign aims to generate emotive, personal, and engaging social media content to encourage everyone to think about what they can personally do to help create or support pathways out of poverty; and to commit to specific actions (e.g. Raise the Rate campaign).

Tools and resources

Below are tools and resources that we hope will support your screening event planning in Anti-Poverty Week:

You can see the current list of activities online. 

Please get in touch with [email protected] if you have any questions about the screening event or social media campaign.