ACTCOSS Vision and Objects

Updated 29 March 2023. 

Vision: An inclusive ACT and region where no one lives in poverty

Objects from the ACTCOSS Constitution (part 1.2):

ACTCOSS is a non-government organisation which has as its goal:

  • to function as a peak body for the community sector;
  • to make explicit and pursue a social justice agenda for the people of the ACT;
  • to participate as part of the state-national COSS network; and
  • to assist and support organisations to build their capacity so that they can provide a service that best meets the needs of disadvantaged people living in the ACT.

The objects of ACTCOSS are:

  • to promote consultation and co-operation amongst non-government organisations and government authorities involved in social welfare activities;
  • to develop an informed public opinion on matters related to social welfare by arranging, providing for, or assisting to arrange, or provide for the holding of exhibitions, meetings, lectures or seminars calculated directly or indirectly to further the objects of ACTCOSS;
  • to provide an advisory service on matters of social welfare for statutory authorities and voluntary organisations at ACTCOSS’ initiative or upon request;
  • to act as a channel of enquiry and liaison with statutory authorities and governments in the promotion of social welfare services of a charitable, benevolent or general nature;
  • to promote, assist or carry out special projects of research to advance the work of statutory authorities and voluntary bodies in alleviating poverty and distress;
  • to promote the publication and circulation of reports, periodicals and other documents for the furtherance of these objects;
  • to engage in activities designed to contribute to the elimination of poverty and the promotion of well-being of disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals and groups;
  • to work towards the elimination of discrimination on the grounds of political affiliation, race, social origin, religion, age, disability, sex, marital status or pregnancy, against individuals or groups in their access to employment, services or resources;
  • to co-operate with ACOSS and other State COSSs to improve co-ordination of social welfare in Australia; and
  • to do all such other acts or things as may be conducive to the attainment of the foregoing objectives.

ACTCOSS advocates for a united Australia which respects this land of ours, values Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage and provides justice and equity for all.

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