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Poverty and Cost of Living

The ACT has a relatively high cost of living which exacerbates the gap between income and costs for low-income households, increasing inequality in our city. A significant number of households in the ACT struggle with meeting basic expenses including housing, adequate and healthy food, transport costs and paying utility and medical expenses. ACTCOSS advocacy focuses on reducing inequality in income and access to other resources.

ACTCOSS is proud to support Anti-Poverty Week: Home – Anti-Poverty Week (antipovertyweek.org.au)

ACTCOSS Position Statement on Poverty and Cost of Living

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31 January 2024 Learn more

Woolworths incident evokes the spirit of Robin Hood

Earlier this week, my children witnessed a man hastily push a trolley loaded with groceries out of Woolworths, skipping payment at self-checkout.  While no one in my family had seen anything similar before a couple of years ago, it is now a semi-regular occurrence. I’ve been wrestling with how to help my kids interpret this.  […]

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9 January 2024 Learn more

How long can the climate safety net hold?

The golden period between Christmas and New Year’s Day has traditionally been a time when Australians relaxed and recharged for the year ahead.  As climate change worsens, this period of respite will be viewed differently by today’s children, who will come to associate it with predictably unpredictable extreme weather events.  This year, many in Queensland were […]

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