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Poverty and Cost of Living

The ACT has a relatively high cost of living which exacerbates the gap between income and costs for low-income households, increasing inequality in our city. A significant number of households in the ACT struggle with meeting basic expenses including housing, adequate and healthy food, transport costs and paying utility and medical expenses. ACTCOSS advocacy focuses on reducing inequality in income and access to other resources.

ACTCOSS is proud to support Anti-Poverty Week: Home – Anti-Poverty Week (antipovertyweek.org.au)

ACTCOSS Position Statement on Poverty and Cost of Living

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15 August 2023 Learn more

Joint COSS letter to National Cabinet on Rental Crisis

Ahead of the National Cabinet meeting (16 August), ACTCOSS and the broader Councils of Social Service (COSS) Network* has called on state, territory and federal governments to step-up and take significant action to address the rental crisis. In a letter to the Prime Minister and Australia’s premiers and chief ministers, the COSS network – representing thousands of social […]

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22 June 2023 Learn more
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ACTCOSS releases 2023 ACT Cost of Living Report

Living costs in the ACT have reached their highest levels in twenty years, and women are disproportionately facing the effects of these increases – these are the latest findings in the 2023 ACT Cost of Living Report, released today by the ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS). The report, which tracks the changes in the […]

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