2023 ACT Cost of Living Report

22 June 2023

The 2023 ACT Cost of Living Report highlights the dual impact of the highest increase in living costs in over 20 years and the impact of these costs on women. Over the past 12 months the ACT community sector has seen an increase in demand for social services alongside an increase in poverty, disadvantage and complexity of need among the people and communities they support.

Ahead of  the 2023-24 ACT Budget, this report calls the Government to

  1. Review and update the Targeted Assistance Strategy.
  2. Expand social and affordable housing.
  3. Fund the community sector for the full cost of service delivery.
  4. Provide cheaper and easier to access healthcare.
  5. Address the gendered nature of income inequality.


Factsheet: Poverty & disadvantage in the ACT 2023 (docx)
2023 ACT Cost of Living Report (pdf)
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