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ACT Election

A collation of ACTCOSS recommendations for the ACT Government to address in this term of parliament in order to work towards a fair and just Canberra. These have been developed in consultation with ACTCOSS members, peaks and representatives from the community.

For more information on ACT Elections, visit Elections ACT | Elections ACT. Alternatively, you can view the current Parliamentary and Governing Agreement.

ACTCOSS Position Statement on ACT Election

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2024 ACT Election Platform

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4 April 2024 Learn more

Let’s tear down this housing policy and completely rebuild

For an alarming proportion of Canberrans, securing and keeping appropriate housing is a struggle that is too often unsuccessful.  A quarter of a century ago, young adults worried about whether they could afford to buy a house, but for many that concern is now about whether they can afford to rent an apartment.  A growing number […]

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29 November 2022 Learn more
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Full range of human rights need to be enacted by ACT Government

The ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS) has welcomed the ACT Government’s commitment to introduce a right to a healthy environment in the Human Rights Act 2004 but has called on the ACT Government to enact all Economic, Social and Cultural Rights including a right to housing.   Minister for Human Rights, Tara Cheyne MLA […]

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