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Housing, Planning and Transport

Affordable, accessible and fairly distributed housing, transport and community facilities are vital for the social inclusion, economic participation, health and wellbeing of all people. ACTCOSS advocates for reducing homelessness, housing stress or precarity and increasing community connection through the provision of adequate and sustainable infrastructure and urban planning.

ACTCOSS works with ACT Shelter and CHC Affordable Housing, and the Community Housing Industry Association on advocacy relating to housing and homelessness in the ACT.

ACTCOSS Position Statement on Housing

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ACTCOSS Position Statement on Planning and Transport

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4 April 2024 Learn more

Let’s tear down this housing policy and completely rebuild

For an alarming proportion of Canberrans, securing and keeping appropriate housing is a struggle that is too often unsuccessful.  A quarter of a century ago, young adults worried about whether they could afford to buy a house, but for many that concern is now about whether they can afford to rent an apartment.  A growing number […]

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4 April 2024 Learn more
Media release

10,000 new public housing dwellings welcome

The ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS) responded to today’s announcement by the ACT Greens of an election commitment to build and buy 10,000 new public housing dwellings in ten years.  “ACTCOSS calls on all parties and candidates to commit to similarly transformative change of the ACT’s housing system,” said Dr Devin Bowles.  “Business as […]

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