Submission: EN24 AER draft decision & Evoenery revised proposal

29 February 2024

ACTCOSS provided a submission to the Australian Energy Regulator’s draft decision and Evoenergy’s revised proposal and tariff structure statement as part of the Electricity Network Determination 2024–29. ACTCOSS seeks to ensure that the energy system in the ACT is inclusive as well as sustainable and provides optimal outcomes for all people, communities, and the environment. The AER’s Draft Decision has responded to the context of change and uncertainty highlighted by Evoenergy’s Regulatory Access Proposal and responding submissions. While in the ACT the energy transition is well underway, at the same time, consumers are experiencing a cost of living crisis. Our submission considers updates in data that have been made available since Evoenergy released its original proposal, including about the rate of EV uptake and charging patterns and the continued increases in cost of living. The draft decision sees an estimated average increase of $14 per year to the whole electricity bill. While any increase in the cost of electricity bills is unacceptable for those already struggling to afford the energy they need, under the AER’s draft decision, consumers would be better off than under Evoenergy’s original proposal. 


EN24 AER Draft Decision and Evoenergy Revised Proposal (docx)
EN24 AER Draft Decision and Evoenergy Revised Proposal (pdf)
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