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EOI: Cultural Awareness Training: Yuma!

Yuma! We invite you to participate in a Cultural Awareness Workshop led by local Ngunnawal Traditional Custodian, Bradley Mapiva Brown. This one-day course is designed to enrich your understanding of the cultural landscape and protocols within the ACT and its surrounding regions. 

Tailored components of the workshop delve into the unique and vibrant cultural history and heritage of the Ngunnawal people and their country. This experience is especially valuable for professionals in client-facing roles or those engaging with vulnerable populations, particularly when closely collaborating with Ngunnawal Traditional Custodians and other First Nations individuals and communities. 

Participants will gain invaluable insights into Ngunnawal traditions, cultural values, protocols, sensitivities, and rich histories through this essential training opportunity. Join us for an enriching journey of cultural discovery. 

*Please note, a date for this training has not been set. Please register your interest on our waitlist and we will contact you regarding the dates as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, or would like to suggest a date, please email [email protected]




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