COVID-19 Update No.2, 25 March 2020

25 March 2020


ACTCOSS have been advocating on behalf of community organisations during this COVID-19 pandemic period through actions including:

  • Media release and continued advocacy calling for flexibility on contract requirements for our sector from all ACT Government Directorates, specifically to:

    • Delay or relax reporting obligations
    • Suspend KPIs and outcomes to allow for adaptation to new conditions
    • Remove penalties for non-compliance with contracts arising from the COVID-19 emergency
    • Allow flexibility in how funds are used to support our community safely during COVID-19
    • Freeze government reform and new tendering processes

  • Letter to the ACT Minister for Housing and the ACT Attorney-General on a temporary stop to evictions during this COVID-19 period
  • Letter to the ACT Minister for Health, President of the ACT Human Rights Council, ACT Chief Medical Officer, Head of Canberra Health Service, and the Director-General for the Health Directorate on protecting the human rights of vulnerable groups in clinical settings during COVID-19. Specifically, that an ethical framework for clinical decision making is developed, and in ensuring these vulnerable groups are included in any decision-making body that develops the framework
  • Email to Minister Orr:

    • Highlighting gaps and opportunities for community sector intervention in the immediate response
    • Calling for establishment of a hotline for isolated people requiring emergency food and other relief
    • To include community services in any list of ‘essential services’ in case of a full shutdown

  • Engaging with the ACT Discrimination, Health Services & Disability and Community Services Commissioner to raise key issues, including:

    • Preventing discrimination in the healthcare sector in critical care decisions
    • Ensuring disability organisations are properly equipped and resourced, and people with disability are supported and protected
    • Supporting families who are engaged with ACT Child and Youth Protection Services.

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