ACTCOSS Commissioning Statement Principles

28 August 2023

Commissioning is a paramount priority for ACTCOSS. ACTCOSS occupies an influential position in the commissioning process and is uniquely equipped to help distil and communicate lessons that will improve commissioning.

ACTCOSS has clearly stated public positions on Commissioning that were developed in consultation with members. ACTCOSS’ role in commissioning is to:

  1. ensure, to the extent possible, that commissioning leads to outcomes which benefit people experiencing poverty and exclusion in the ACT
  2. actively elicit the views of members about commissioning, listen closely to all participants, and distil themes and trends with a view to enhancing processes
  3. represent sector views to Government
  4. work in partnership with Government to contribute constructively to commissioning processes, advocating for practice from all stakeholders that aligns with the shared commissioning principles, and
  5. make sense of commissioning for all ACTCOSS members, especially for smaller organisations.

This Statement articulates our position in relation to these critical reforms.


ACTCOSS commissioning statement principles Aug23 (docx)
ACTCOSS commissioning statement principles Aug23 (pdf)
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