Canberra Disability Review – A Cure for Wellness, and Medicopoly Infographic

1 December 2017

To mark the UN International Day of People with Disability and as part of work funded by the ACT Office For Disability, ACTCOSS partnered with People With Disabilities ACT on a health-themed edition of The Canberra Disability Review, and produced an infographic ‘Medicopoly’ highlighting choice and control issues in access to health. We used the infographic to guide a panel discussion, ‘Let’s Talk Health – people with lived experience sharing insights with health policy makers and professionals’ which was streamed on Facebook live.


A Cure for Wellness – Health themed edition of The Canberra Disability Review (2017, #4) (pdf)
A Cure for Wellness (text only version) (docx)
Medicopoly Infographic – choice, control and rights in the ACT health system (pdf)
Medicopoly Infographic (text only version) (docx)
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