Shattered Myths: 20 years of ACT Council of Social Service work on poverty

12 November 2019

In 1999, ACTCOSS and the ACT Government started the Poverty Task Group, beginning a concerted effort to quantify poverty in Canberra and highlight its lived experience.

Shattered Myths is a retrospective of twenty years of work on poverty, tracing ACTCOSS’s continued efforts to shatter myths about prosperity being available to everyone in Canberra. The publication shows that ACTCOSS has a long history of speaking up about uncomfortable realities, through a commitment to robust data and engaging Canberrans to speak on their lived experience of poverty. From 1999 to 2019, ACTCOSS has influenced public and political discourse – from creating a basic understanding that people in Canberra experience financial hardship, to reframing poverty through the lenses of social exclusion and entrenched disadvantage.


2019 shattered myths 20 years ACTCOSS work on poverty (pdf)
2019 shattered myths 20 years ACTCOSS work on poverty (docx)
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