Submission: Child and Young People Act 2008 Reform Stage 2

20 December 2023

The ACT Government has committed to transformational reform of the ACT’s child, youth and family services, including comprehensive changes to the Children and Young Peoples Act 2008 (CYP Act). ACTCOSS welcomes this commitment and recognises the need to reform the CYP Act to improve the care and support provided to children and young people involved with the child protection and out-of-home care system in the ACT. However, the proposed reforms are complex, significant and will have profound implications for both vulnerable children and families and the service systems that support them. While supporting the underlying intent of the proposed reforms, our submissions highlights areas where further consideration and sector engagement is required to ensure better outcomes are achieved and unintended consequences avoided. Importantly, adequate resourcing and support to services will be imperative to ensure the reforms succeed in both diverting vulnerable families from contact with the child protection system and in improving outcomes for those already engaged with the system.  


CYP Act Reform Feedback Stage 2 (pdf)
CYP Act Reform Feedback Stage 2 (docx)
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