Submission: Draft ACT Disability Health Strategy

26 July 2023

ACTCOSS made a submission to the draft ACT Disability Health Strategy 2023-2033. This is an important milestone as an inclusive initiative that demonstrates the ACT’s commitment to enhancing healthcare outcomes for people with disability. ACTCOSS, as a community sector peak body, wholeheartedly supports the Strategy’s ambitious goals and guiding principles. To further enhance the impact of the Strategy, we recommend expanding the inclusion of contextual information that will enable the dismantling of ableist attitudes that support structural barriers to healthcare for people with disability.


  1. Strengthen Focus on Disability Rights and Social Model of Disability
  2. Promote Integrated Healthcare and Healthcare Navigation
  3. Establish a Comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation Framework


2023 Submission Draft Disability Health Strategy Feedback (docx)
2023 Submission Draft Disability Health Strategy Feedback (pdf)
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