Submission: Inquiry into climate change and a just transition

4 March 2024

ACTCOSS provided a submission to the inquiry into climate change and a just transition. ACTCOSS has engaged and written extensively on just transition issues. ACTCOSS commends the ACT Government’s commitment to achieving net zero emissions and national leadership in this space. However, we find that programs and rebates to reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency and help the transition to electrification are not effective or equitable for people on low incomes or who are otherwise marginalised. Increasing equity and driving greater engagement from people on low incomes could help speed the energy transition, as well as making it fairer. To achieve an inclusive and equitable transition, it is imperative that the distribution of costs and benefits, along with barriers to the uptake of initiatives, is factored into the design, implementation and evaluation of energy transition policies and programs. When targeting financial support to transition, the ACT Government should prioritise support for vulnerable and low-income households who are unable to participate in or benefit from electrification unaided. Public money used to support the transition to net zero should be targeted to those who need it most and those that are most impacted by being left behind. We urge the ACT Government to consult more widely and put people with the least at the centre of policy design. If we get the policy settings right, we can rapidly cut emissions and create a safer and fairer society.


2024 Submission Inquiry into climate change and a just transition (docx)
2024 Submission Inquiry into climate change and a just transition (pdf)
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