COVID-19 Update No.4 for Organisations Supporting Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Communities, 18 June 2020

18 June 2020

Does your organisation support culturally and linguistically diverse communities and service users? Or do you know someone from a CALD community who may need some help during COVID-19?


If so, please share the information below. Let’s reach as many people as we can.


The services below help all people, including temporary visa holders.


Ways you can share:


    • Email the information to your networks



    • Copy / paste the information to your messaging apps (e.g. WhatsApp)




Thank you.


Free food and hygiene products


The Canberra Relief Network gives free boxes of food and hygiene products to Canberrans in need during COVID-19.


To get a box:


    1. Call 1800 431 133 on Monday to Friday, 9:30am to 2:30pm.


    1. Choose the type of box you need.


    1. They will tell you where to collect your box/es.



For more information visit or email [email protected].


This is a confidential service for people who need it.


Help for temporary visa holders


The Red Cross is giving one-off payments to temporary visa holders in need during COVID-19.


These payments can help with food, medicine and housing.


Apply online:


For more information please contact the Red Cross:

Phone: (02) 6234 7695

Email: [email protected]


Attention International Students: You must contact your institution first. If your institution cannot help you, they will refer you to Red Cross.


COVID-19 legal help


Canberra Community Law can help you find legal information and support during COVID-19.


The new Canberra COVID Legal Help website has information on housing, Centrelink, criminal law, going to court, family law and employment in relation to COVID-19.


The website also has videos, fact sheets, frequently asked questions and links to legal services.


You can also call (02) 6218 7900.


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