2019-20 ACT Budget Snapshot

6 June 2019

The 2019-20 ACT Budget invests in responding to a number of recognised risks in the service system and delivers on several commitments made by the ACT Government to residents in the 2016 Election and subsequently.

ACTCOSS commends the ACT Government for choosing to be ambitious about investing to meet the needs of a growing city, especially when it comes to health, justice and community facilities. There are a number of important investments in disability services, mental health programs, legal assistance, planning for better schools and community partnerships, transport infrastructure development, transitioning to a more sustainable energy supply, improved residential and commercial energy efficiency and continuing to reduce and respond better to sexual, domestic and family violence.

In this snapshot, ACTCOSS has outlined the Budget measures we support, those we think need further extension, those that should include more community partnerships, and gaps in investment.

Overall, the Budget invests primarily in ACT Government delivered services and programs and does not provide a commensurate level of investment in community-led services and policy development. Rebalancing this mix of investment will be a key priority for ACTCOSS advocacy in the lead up to the 2020 ACT Election.

We have also provided a checklist of ACT Government performance against priorities from our Budget submission for 2019-20.


act 2019 20 budget snapshot (docx)
act 2019 20 budget snapshot (pdf)
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