Report: GN21 Energy Consumer Advocacy Workshop Outcomes

19 December 2019

This report presents the outcomes from a workshop that aimed at assisting Evoenergy in engaging with, and supporting the engagement of, vulnerable energy consumers as part of the development of their next 5-year plan for the gas network in the ACT and Queanbeyan-Palerang region. 

Evoenergy is the region’s gas distribution network provider and is required to submit its gas access arrangement proposal for the 2021-26 period to the Australian Energy Regulator. ACTCOSS has been commissioned by Evoenergy to assist in building capacity of vulnerable energy consumers to engage in this process. The workshop provided the opportunity for participants to learn about the process and identify what their needs were in terms of information and engagement processes.


2019 report gn21 energy consumer advocacy workshop (pdf)
2019 report gn21 energy consumer advocacy workshop (docx)
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