Submission: Inquiry into Cashless Gaming

1 September 2023

ACTCOSS made a submission to the Inquiry into Cashless Gaming. We aim to provide insights and recommendations regarding the integration of cashless gaming systems within the ACT, with a strong emphasis on the crucial aspect of mitigating gambling harm. As an active participant in discussions surrounding responsible gambling reform, ACTCOSS seek to contribute constructively to the ongoing dialogue on the potential implementation of cashless gaming systems in our region. ACTCOSS recommends that any cashless gaming system introduced in the ACT adheres to the core principle that it must be explicitly designed and implemented with harm minimisation as the key priority. ACTCOSS continues to advocate for broad measures to reduce the social, financial and emotional impacts of gambling harm to the ACT community, particularly for vulnerable community members. We emphasise that cashless gaming may be a tool for reducing gambling harm but should form only part of a suite of other measures for minimising gambling harm.


2023 Submission Inquiry into Cashless Gaming (pdf)
2023 Submission Inquiry into Cashless Gaming (docx)
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