Submission: Inquiry into Fuel Pricing

14 March 2019

ACTCOSS highlights cost of living issues in our submission to the ACT Legislative Assembly’s Select Committee on Fuel Pricing. ACTCOSS urges that the ACT Government to recognise the impact of transport costs on food security and access to primary health, especially for people experiencing transport disadvantage. While fuel prices peg close to national trends, our submission notes that there has been a steady increase in the price of fuel above the national average over time totalling 29.3% across the last decade.

We recommend government undertake a study of transport costs for people on low incomes and develop responsive measures for people on low incomes; improve concessions; address transport gaps; ensure transport planning and design is integrated and work to ensure that people on low incomes benefit in a just transition to electric vehicles.


2019 submission fuel pricing inquiry (pdf)
2019 submission fuel pricing inquiry (docx)
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