Submission: Integrated Energy Plan Position Paper

14 September 2023

ACTCOSS and Care Financial Counselling Services (Care) made a submission to the Integrated Energy Plan Position Paper. To achieve an inclusive and equitable transition, it is imperative the distribution of costs and benefits, along with barriers to the uptake of initiatives, is factored into the design, implementation and evaluation of energy transition policies and programs. When targeting financial support to transition, the ACT Government should prioritise support for vulnerable and low-income households who are unable to participate in or benefit from electrification unaided. This includes people in public and social housing, as well as low-income households in private rentals and people with disabilities. Much of the complexity of multi-unit buildings is social in nature. Low-income households are more likely to reside in apartments, as are renters who are also excluded from decision making about the building they live in. The ACT Government should address the equity concerns of electrifying complex buildings and implement a “one-stop-shop” support program to support owners corporations. Overall, ACTCOSS is supportive of the imperative to reduce emissions and electrify and would support the introduction of ambitious targets and indicators to ensure the energy transition is fair, fast and inclusive.


2023 Submission Integrated Energy Plan Position Paper (pdf)
2023 Submission Integrated Energy Plan Position Paper (docx)
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