Submission: Same Day Liquor Delivery

19 September 2023

ACTCOSS provided feedback to the ACT Government’s consultation on the ‘Regulation of same day liquor delivery providers’ Discussion Paper. We commend the ACT Government’s commitment to reviewing the regulation of online sales and delivery of alcohol in the ACT. ACTCOSS welcomed several urgently needed reform measures including effective age verification, harm reduction measures through specific training, hold delivery companies liable for non-compliance, and improved data collection. We also made recommendations for the ACT Government to further strengthen the proposed regulatory framework, by establishing a specific license category, limiting delivery periods, introducing a two-hour safety pause, measures to prevent predatory data-driven marketing, extending compliance testing, and ensuring community engagement in licensing decisions.


2023 Submission Alcohol Same Day Delivery (pdf)
2023 Submission Alcohol Same Day Delivery (docx)
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