Submission: Secure Local Jobs Code 2020 Review

20 November 2020

The Secure Local Jobs Code (the Code) commenced on 15 January 2019. ACTCOSS supports the goals of the Code, including the promotion of job security in the Territory and a reduction in the incidence of insecure work; ensuring that territory-funded work is carried out by organisations who respect and comply with industrial relations obligations; and the promotion of workforce diversity and inclusive workplaces.
However, ACTCOSS has concerns the Code has resulted in an additional administrative and compliance burden that has diverted resources away from service provision and value adding activities such as staff training – instead of improving job security and employee wellbeing.
Implementation of the Secure Local Jobs Code should comply with commitments made in the partnership approaches outlined in our pre-Code commencement submission.


2020 ACTCOSSsubmission secure local jobs code review_0 (pdf)
2020 ACTCOSSsubmission secure local jobs code review_0 (docx)
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