Submission: The worsening rental crisis in Australia

1 September 2023

ACTCOSS made a submission to the Federal inquiry into the worsening rental crisis in Australia. At present, the Australian housing context is riddled with instability and unaffordability that disproportionately effects the most vulnerable and disadvantaged households. The consequences of this housing crisis are clearly evident in the ACT region. As our 2023 ACT Cost of Living Report reveals, Canberra has the most expensive overall median rent prices and is the least affordable jurisdiction in the country for people on low incomes.

The causes of this housing crisis are complex, multifaceted and interdependent. Accordingly, achieving a fit-for-purposes rental housing market in Australia will require national leadership and housing policies that consider the multiple and complex demand and supply factors that influence the rental market. A substantial increase in social housing, increased rent assistance, rent regulation and other tenancy law reforms should be core areas for immediate policy reform.  With housing insecurity likely to increase in coming years, we urge the Federal Government to work with state and territory jurisdictions to take action to prevent prohibitive rent increases, replicate the ACT’s ban on no cause evictions, implement appropriate housing standards for rental properties, and boost the supply of social housing.


2023 Submission Federal Inquiry into Worsening Rental Crisis (pdf)
2023 Submission Federal Inquiry into Worsening Rental Crisis (docx)
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