Report: Supporting a fair, fast and inclusive energy transition in the ACT – ACT small energy consumers’ understanding, planning and support needs

11 August 2023

The ACT Government has committed to reaching net-zero emissions, transitioning away from gas, and electrifying the territory by 2045. ACTCOSS believes this is the right pathway forward to reduce emissions, reduce energy costs, and to improve living standards in the ACT. This report builds on the previous ACTCOSS report: A Just and Inclusive Gas Transition in the ACT and highlights some of the barriers that vulnerable households face on the pathway to electrification.

In February and March 2023, ACTCOSS conducted a roundtable with community organisations and two surveys: one for households, and one for small businesses and community organisations. This research was small-scale, with 49 household survey participants, six small business survey participants, and five roundtable participants, including representatives from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elected Body, the ACT Government, Care Financial Counselling Service (Care), Conservation Council ACT, and St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies).

The themes that emerged from this research included:

  • Relatively low awareness of the ACT Government’s Integrated Energy Plan and available transition supports
  • The need for clear communication on available supports
  • The need for sufficiency of and access to supports, including targeted supports for low-income households and renters
  • Barriers to electrification
  • Availability and skill level of tradespeople

The most significant and frequently cited barriers to achieving energy security and making the transition to electric appliances are cost and tenancy.


2023 Report Supporting a fair fast and inclusive energy transition in the ACT (pdf)
2023 Report Supporting a fair fast and inclusive energy transition in the ACT (docx)
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