OIK – Governance and Strategic Leadership

12 February 2016

This section of the OIK outlines the role, responsibilities and challenges that face a Board or Management Committee.

As well as the information provided in OIK documents below, the following links may be helpful for your reference.

Board Governance:
NFP Good Governance Guides
Institute of Community Directors Tools and Resources
Access Canberra website with information on incorporated associations
ACNC publications

Board Finance:
Westpac Guides for Community Organisations:

Guide for Community Board Members

Guide for Community Treasurers

Guide to Investing Money for Community Organisations

’25 Questions a Not for profit Treasurer needs to ask’


OIK Governance and Strategic Leadership Governance Basics for website (docx)
OIK Incorporation for website (docx)
OIK Strategic Planning for website (docx)
OIK Grants for website (docx)
OIK Working With Government for website (docx)
OIK Innovation for website (docx)
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