ACT Decides: 2019 Federal Election Forum Report

14 May 2019

With the 2019 federal election coming up, the ACT Council of Social Service (ACTCOSS) hosted a forum with eight local candidates for the Senate and the House of Representatives in the seats of Bean, Fenner and Canberra. We designed the forum to stimulate local dialogue on federal issues looked at through a sharp local lens.

This reflections report provides an overview of the discussions at the forum. Briefs about policy priority areas can also be found below, as well as other documents made available at the forum.

Forum report

ACT Decides: Reflections from the ACTCOSS 2019 Federal Election Forum (pdf) | (docx)

ACT Federal Election Briefs

Social Security (pdf) | (docx)

Public Revenue for Essential Services (pdf) | (docx)

Employment (pdf) | (docx)

Climate and Clean, Affordable Energy (pdf) | (docx)

Housing and Homelessness (pdf) | (docx)

Health (pdf) | (docx)

Community Services (pdf) | (docx)

Reform to Government Advisory Structures (pdf) | (docx)

Other forum documents

Discussion starter: The Perfect Candidate’s Top 5 Concerns by ACT Commonwealth Electoral Division (pdf) | (docx)

Poster map: Seat of Bean (pdf) | (docx)

Poster map: Seat of Canberra (pdf) | (docx)

Poster map: Seat of Fenner (pdf), (docx)

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